Postal worker saves Galveston man from being scammed out of thousands

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GALVESTON - An elderly man in Galveston fell victim to a scam after receiving a phone call from someone in Florida who claimed he had won an international lottery.

The caller told 90-year-old Walter Wier that he had won $250,000 and that all he had to do was send money to pay for the taxes. Not knowing he was being duped, Wier overnighted more than $7,000.

After the scammer received the money, the person called back asking for more money. This time, they said he needed to buy insurance for the money and that he had to send an additional $6500, so Wier went back to the post office a second time.

Fortunately, a clerk who recognized Wier from the last transaction, started asking him questions about the purchase.

When the clerk found out he didn't know who was even sending the money to, he told postal managers and wouldn't sell him the money order. The clerk told postal managers who then contacted Galveston Police. Authorities were able to identify the person behind the scam.



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