Pothole on Kirkwood near Briar Forest tearing up tires

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HOUSTON, Texas – Kirkwood Road is out to get you because craters litter the road, but one doozy makes our “Pothole of the Day.” It’s located on the Southbound lane before Briar Forest Drive.

Cars driving on the inside lane just can`t seem to avoid it. Tire after tire, after tire just ram into the massive crater.

Neighborhood resident John Lillibridge explained, “The whole street is bad and it`s scheduled for 2019 to be repaired, and it`s terrible. My wife has busted her rim and blown a tire and I`ve done the same.”

Some drivers, in order to spare their tires, try to slow down or avoid it but this hole takes no prisoners.

“People are almost running into them and a lot of times you can`t see the potholes because of the rains we`ve been having lately, so then you hit your tires on it.”

Something tells us the City of Houston already knows about it, since a public works truck drove right through it. Drivers on this road don’t want to wait for 2019.

“Hey, get it fixed now!” added Lillibridge.



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