Charges filed against pranksters who stopped traffic on I-45 with game of basketball

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HOUSTON, TX – Whoever said basketball wasn’t a dangerous sport, definitely didn’t know some pranksters in southeast Houston. They thought it would be a great idea to stop traffic on a service road of I-45 and “ball” around a bit. It’s all because of a bet and it was captured on video, which has now gone viral. But now, charges have been filed against the two pranksters.


One guy named “myhouseisdirty” on Instagram says he and his boys pull pranks all the time. Like hoofing it on a bike down I-45 or grilling out at a Popeye’s drive through. But did this one go a little too far. The video already has over 33,000 views on Instagram and rising.

If it’s fame they’re looking for, “He shoots, he scores.” Just not sure if it’s the kind of fame they want.

Edward Joseph Gonzalez, 25, and Roland Zepeda, 18, were charged with obstructing a highway.

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