‘Prayer’ is currently our best option against asteroid attacks

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Pay now or pray later. That’s the bottom line when it comes to a doomsday asteroid defense for the U.S.

NASA’s chief administrator says, “Objects as large as a car arrive about once per week.’

This is nothing new yet after decades of inaction, Congress has jumped into ‘asteroid defense mode’ and all it took was seeing one little, and it was little, 50 foot asteroid hit Russia (and do $30 million of damage).

Congress met with the nation’s top science experts about covering our assets when it comes to asteroids. Their main worry is ‘city-killers’, asteroids large enough to destroy a city.

John Holdren, from the Office of Science and Technology Policy says, ‘The number of undetected city-killers is very large it’s in the range of 10 thousand or more. That’s not very reassuring.”

No, not reassuring at all, but aside from movie type scenarios what can be done?

“The most important thing we could do to improve our capacity to see any asteroid of potential damaging size coming, would be an orbiting inferred telescope.”

Unfortunately, that’ll cost taxpayers about three-quarters of a billion dollars if it’s approved and not affected by sequestration. For now NASA Administrator Charles Bolden suggests prayer; how’s that for reassuring?

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