Predictions of a Pandemic Baby Boom May Not Happen In The U.S.


HOUSTON (CW39) Millions of people around the world have been spending extra time at home, during this Covid-19 Pandemic. It begs to ask the question. Will there be a baby boom next year? According to a new study, that may not be the case in some countries, including the United States.

The study, conducted by NordVPN, a VPN Service provider, compares the downloads of pregnancy trackers between Jan-Sep 2020 vs. 2019.

The report found that while a global trend of installing pregnancy trackers went up by 13%, the US downloaded 40% less pregnancy trackers. Researchers and Doctors believe it has a lot to do with finances. According to counseling psychologist, Dr. Lucy Atcheson, “Being pregnant and having a baby is one big unknown. Plus, the financial stress that comes alongside parenthood could also be a deterrent,”

Globally, March saw a record spike in the demand for pregnancy trackers, with the number of
installed apps surging by 32%. August saw another wave, with a 15% increase.

“Countries that recovered quickly after the first wave were more interested in pregnancy trackers in September,” explains Ruby Gonzalez. “Obviously, people got accustomed to the pandemic and felt confident enough to start a bigger family,”.

Currently, the Worldwide Average of App Downloads to monitor Pregnancy is +13.34%. Here’s a look at some of the Countries Growth of Pregnancy App Downloads, from January-September 2020 vs. 2019:

Turkey +363.86%
Lithuania +173.83%
Barbados +169.85%
Brazil +142.91%
Nigeria +128.36%
Costa Rica +128.35%
Panama +99.50%
Lebanon -21.33%
Bermuda -29.91%
Sweden -30.51%
Vietnam -33.06%
China -39.15%
United States -39.89%
Switzerland -45.48%
Austria -51.01%

Pregnancy tracking apps are usually free. But, in order to earn money, some apps share users information with third parties for advertising purposes. However, others provide their user data to researchers, who use it to study
complex health conditions.

According to Daniel Markuson, digital privacy expert at NordVPN says “Women are advised to be very careful when setting app privacy controls. It’s recommended to deny the app access to contacts, photos, and location. Women should carefully check whom the app is sharing their data with. And, last but not least, use strong passwords and do not take and post pictures of yourself and your unborn child,”.

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