Prepare for zombie apocalypse with a zombie fortification cabin

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LEEDS, England – Any day now, you and your family could find yourselves on high alert as you protect yourselves from zombies!

Now you and your family can be the envy of the neighborhood with your very own, exclusive, zombie fortification cabin!

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations. This is certified as a genuine Tiger Log Cabins Zombie Fortification by the people of Tiger Log Cabins.

You know ‘em, you trust ‘em, and you may not be able to live without ‘em!

Your very own protection against the living dead that roam the streets begins with your full-sized cabin, complete with reinforced slit windows, walls, doors, and, of course, barbed wire. (Flood lights, flame throwers, and water cannons not included. See Web site for details.)

Your impregnable zombie fortress also comes with its very own armory for weapons, ammo, and your favorite zombie-repelling devices. (Weapons and ammo not included.)

Your zombie fortification even comes with an indoor garden, because you won’t want to go outside to get your food.

And there’s plenty of room to sleep or just kick back and relax until the next zombie attack. And who knows when, or where, that will come.

You can be on your road to zombie independence for less than $113,000. And it comes with a 10-year anti-zombie guarantee. (Installation extra. Homeowners’ association restrictions may apply.)

A small price to pay for the security of knowing you won’t have to beat off zombies by hand to protect the ones you love.


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