HOUSTON (KIAH) – While many families are getting ready to celebrate the 4th of July holiday, the Houston Humane Society wants to remind people about pet safety.

Both watching and popping fireworks can be a fun and exciting time for many people. For animals, veterinarians say not so much. The humane society says the loud boom can be scary for animals. Which causes them to go hide or run away from home.

The best way to prepare is to leave your pet with comforting toys and snacks, and place them in a soundproof room.

“Pets do suffer from that noise anxiety. so they want to do anything they can to get away from it. Especially, if you’re popping fireworks in your front yard and your pets are in your backyard. They’re going to try to get to you to keep you safe,” said Macey Staes, marketing coordinator at Houston Humane Society.

The Houston Humane Society encourages families to get their pets vaccinated and microchipped. It’s the best way to locate animals when they’re separated from their owner.

Animals found on the street can be dropped off at the shelter. If the pet is not claimed within a certain timeframe, it will be placed up for adoption.

For vaccination and microchip information visit HoustonHumane.org.