Presbyterian Church (USA) says gay marriage OK

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HOUSTON - It’s now official, the Presbyterian Church has announced “gay is okay” when it comes to marriage in their church.

Home to more than 1.6 million worshippers, the largest Presbyterian denomination in the U.S. amended the definition of marriage in its constitution. Amendment 14-F now states (in part):

“...marriage involves a unique commitment between two people, traditionally a man and woman, to love and support each other for the rest of their lives.”

“I’m ecstatic. I’m grateful.It’s a great step another step toward full equality for people” says Rev. Dr. Michael Diaz, Director of Connections at Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church.

“This decision by the Presbyterian body just continues to reinforce the belief that all humans are equal and we’re all divine in the eyes of God” says RMCC Outreach Director Mark Eggleston.

The amendment goes into effect on June 21, but change in the church may come slowly explains Rev. Troy Treash, the Senior Pastor at RMCC. “Not every church you go into all of a sudden will be welcoming because this is a learning process. Now that the denomination has passed this, each local congregation will have to be ready to welcome lesbian and gay families.”

But not everyone is “gay” about this change in church doctrine. “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I don’t want to judge them but I don’t want to give approval for a marriage” says Sharon Cordes.

Even though the Presbyterian Church has given gay marriage the green light, in red state Texas, it’s still illegal - though Rev. Treash says there’s still hope for his cause. “I think the Supreme Court this summer is going to make this the law of our land.”

Time will tell if the good reverend is right.


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