President Obama on ISIS Crisis

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The U.S. launched another round of air-strikes in Iraq, targeting ISIS militants.

The mission's purpose? To stop militants from seizing an important key dam in Haditha, the second largest dam in Iraq.

The Pentagon says the strikes came at Iraq`s request. According to sources, if ISIS seized the dam, significant damage might include  flood waters being unleashed toward Baghdad.

On Sunday, President Obama said he was going to present his ISIS game plan this week, saying in part, "Number one, this is a serious threat. Number two, we have the capacity to deal with it. Here is how we're going to deal with it. I am going to be asking Congress to make sure that they understand and support what our plan is."

The President squashed fear that ISIS could turn its violence on the U.S., too.

As the border between Syria and Iraq continues to vanish, President Obama prepares to meet with Congress Tuesday.

Perhaps, with a common enemy our elected officials can get something accomplished together!

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