President Obama says there’s no credible terror threat in the US, unless you’re an unpardoned turkey

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ANKARA, TURKEY – And now, here’s the latest from Turkey.

No, not the bird. The country. The folks who shot down a Russian fighter jet this week.

They say it entered their air space. The Russian say it ain’t so.

And the surviving pilot says he and his colleague never got those ten warnings the Turks say they put out.

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, whose dad and big brother had to deal with both the Turks and the Russians, says he’s leaning toward turkey on this one.

“Turkey needs to be an ally and we need to show support.  I think President Obama was correct to say that every country has a right to self-defense."

French president Francois Hollande is back home after meeting with President Obama. He and German chancellor Angela Merkel, visited a memorial for victims of the Paris terror attacks.

French authorities now say Mohamed Abrini is another suspect in those attacks. They say he dropped off one of the bombers at the Stade de Paris.

Here in the US, politics and terror went hand-in-hand going into Thanksgiving.

Jeb Bush told a campaign rally “We need to destroy ISIS, not contain it.”

While Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton warned against getting “diverted by fear tactics and scare mongering and inflammatory rhetoric. This is a job we have to take on and we have to be smart about it and we have to be vigilant about it.”

President Obama showed up at the White House with his national security team to assure the nation that there is no specific or credible terror threat right now.

“So as Americans travel this weekend to be with their loved ones, I want them to know that our counter terrorism, intelligence, homeland security, and law enforcement professionals at every level are working overtime."

And if you’re a turkey named Honest Abe, you’re feeling pretty safe right now, too, after the president pardoned the bird in the age-old tradition of saving one so we can kill a million others.





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