President Obama’s $300,000 armored caddy breaks down

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JERUSALEM, ISRAEL – It may be too early to call what happened to the President’s ride over in Israel ‘Limogate’, but it’s going to happen sooner or later.

Here’s what went down. When the President goes anywhere, he takes along his own pimped out ride,

The official limo known as ‘The Beast’.  It’s a $300,000, eight ton, armored caddy that lets the president run a bingo game or launch a global thermal nuclear war. But if The Beast won’t start, then it’s nothing but a big, black, expensive brick.

When you are the leader of the Free World trying to bring peace to the Middle East, the last thing you want to do is call AAA for a tow job.

Yet, that’s what happened when the President arrived in Israel. Some reports said somebody filled up the beast with gasoline instead of diesel. Other reports said it was diesel and not gasoline.

The Secret Service will only say ‘the appropriate gas’ was in the car.

With The Sequester in place, maybe the White House missed a payment and the folks at government motors had The Beast repoed.

Good thing the president always travels with a spare. Don’t you?

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