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BOSTON, MA - Let`s face it, we`ve all found ourselves circling a parking lot for what seems like forever....just trying to find a spot. For the most part, we`re pretty lucky, here. We`ve got lots of lots, and spaces are not in real short supply. But, the same can`t be said for some cities on the east coast.

Plus, when you have snow to deal with....well....that`s a real pain in the you-know-what!  So, how much would you be willing to pay for your very own parking spot?

In one area of Boston, the asking price is a mere $650,000.00. Yep! You read that right...650 big ones!

Betsey Williard, a condo renter in Boston says, "I think you can buy a condo with a bathroom and two bedrooms for 650."

At least!  The Brimmer Street Garage...sounds fancy, right? it is. The garage is heated. You can even get a fill-up and don`t even have to be there.

According to David Bates of the Bates Real Estate Report, "At $3,801.00 per square foot of space, that's more expensive, pro rata, than the 37 million dollar Millennium Tower penthouse."

Yikes!  Segway anyone?


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