Prince Andrew accused of taking part in sex ring

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LONDON – A Florida woman is accusing 54-year-old Prince Andrew of being a part of a sex ring involving underage girls.

Virginia Roberts, the woman who filed the U.S. lawsuit, says she was forced into sex slavery by self-made billionaire Jeffrey Epstein when she was a minor.

Roberts claims she was forced to have sex with his friends, including Prince Andrew, when she was just 17 years old.

Alan Dershowitz, a professor emeritus at Harvard Law School, is also accused in the sex abuse claims.

“I am filing today a sworn affidavit denying categorically the truth,” said Dershowitz.

“I am challenging her to file rape charges against me.  I waive any statute of limitations, any immunity, because if she files a false rape charge against me, she goes to jail,” Dershowitz said.

As for Prince Andrew, the Palace is denying the allegations.



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