Prince Harry called one soldier’s “greatest protector”

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harryALBERTA,CANADA – After a brief demonstration of his major man-power performing stunts in an Apache Helicopter at a Cosford Air show we’ve still not seen every side of Prince Harry (even though technically, we have).

A gay British soldier recently released a book called “Out In The Army” about his experiences while serving. A brave thing to do, no doubt. However, the way Trooper James Wharton describes Prince Harry’s acts of courage shows the royal-tank commanders true-colors.

In 2008, Trooper Wharton says he was targeted by six-soldiers who were, in his words, going to “batter” him. When the Trooper told Harry about the threats the Prince wasn’t having it. Harry told Wharton he would “…sort this — out once and for all,” and he did. The Prince confronted the six guys, and obviously Wharton lived to write a book about it years later, in which he calls Prince Harry “one of [his] greatest protectors.”

A crowning moment for the royal family’s little trouble-maker.


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