Princeton student develops hangover cure

Princeton student develops hangover cure

A Princeton student named Brooks Powell has created a hangover pill called Thrive. Supposedly it can prevent a hangover if you take the pills before going to sleep.

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PRINCETON, NJ — Unfortunately, bad hangovers happen. Many people have their own cures for the hangover, whether it’s grapefruit juice or eggs with a side of bacon.

Those aren’t enough for Princeton student Brooks Powell, who created Thrive, a post-alcohol supplement.

Powell said,  “My idea was to just create the most comprehensive formula that could tackle all of those negative effects of alcohol.”

It’s simple to use. After a night of drinking, take a few Thrive pills before you go to bed, along with plenty of water of course, and your hangover will be greatly reduced.

It’s not surprising that young people might be fans of the pill.


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