Privacy board says NSA spying on phone calls is illegal

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – To spy or not to spy, that is the question, and it appears the answer is no! At least that’s according to a newly released report by a privacy board. They say that the National Security Agency program that collects data on nearly every U.S. phone call isn’t legal.

The board says in the last seven years, they have only identified one instance in which the spying program helped identify a terrorist. But the review board doesn’t have any legal power, so their findings won’t really do much. It just puts into question the changes President Obama wants to make to the NSA. Things like:

  • A court order to access phone records
  • Release phone company, bank data requests
  • Won’t spy on ally leaders

But living in the high-tech, digital, social media world we live in, it really begs the question—is anything really private?



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