Pros & Cons Of Electric, Hybrid & Gas Cars


HOUSTON (CW39) — Have you ever wondered what the difference is between an electric car, hybrid and gas vehicle?

Well, wonder no more because Shannon LaNier and CW39 Houston has done the work for you. Today we went to Mossy Nissan located at 12150 Katy Freeway Houston, TX 77079, to find out the pros and cons of each type of automobile. LaNier spoke with a Mossy Nissan Houston Isaac sales associate to learn more about the following pros and cons of each vehicle type.

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*Pros Of Electric Car

  • Cheaper Maintenance
  • Tax credits: $2,500-7,500
  • HOV Lane Access

*Cons Of Electric vehicle:

  • Limited Charging Stations
  • Fewer Car Options
  • Slow Recharging Time
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*Pros Of Hybrids:

  • Longer Fuel Range
  • Higher Resale Value
  • Cleaner Energy

*Cons of Hybrids:

  • Not Very Fast
  • Larger Initial Investment
  • Higher Maintenance Cost

*Pros Of Gas Car:

  • Gas & Repair Convenience
  • More Affordable
  • Goes Further & No Charge Time

*Cons Of Gas Car:

  • Pollution
  • Gas Prices
  • Noisy

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