Protest over climate change

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – The nation`s capital is no stranger to rallies and Sunday was no different. No, there wasn`t a same-sex protest or a gun control protest. It was all about our mom; Mother Earth that is.

Thousands made their way to the nation`s capital and rallied for action on climate change. Protestors want President Obama to reject the thousand-plus mile Keystone Pipeline Project.

Sounds familiar, right?! It should! Houston`s had its fair share of protestors over the Trans-Canada Keystone Pipeline Project. Environmental activists believe the project, which will run from Canada through several U.S. states will be a huge environmental disaster. They say the production of tar sands carried by the pipeline will emit a huge amount of greenhouse gases. And if there`s one thing we`ve learned from Al Gore, greenhouse gases are bad!

In Obama`s State of the Union address he said he would tackle climate change. All those people in Washington, D.C. on Sunday just want to make sure he sticks to his word!



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