Protestors lock themselves to tankers

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HOUSTON, TX – The Keystone pipeline makes it back in the news… this time Houston.

A protest, though small in stature was large in spirit. Diane Wilson and Bob Lindsey locked their necks to oil tankers bound for the Valero refinery in Southeast Houston.

Ramsey Sprague, spokesperson for Tar Sands Blockade said, “To protest Valero’s investment in the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. The tar sands pipeline will bring Canadian tar sands here. Highly toxic substances to this overburdened community. Just standing out here my eyes are burning, it’s difficult to breath for a lot of us.”

Houston fire fighters got some practice using the Jaws of Life while removing the locks from the two protestors who attached themselves to the trucks, and they were taken away to jail on class B misdemeanor charges.

“When they go to jail they’ll be launching a hunger strike and demanding that Valero divest from Keystone XL and re-invest the money into Manchester, into this community, into these people, into their health and well being,” said Sprague.

Valero says the tar sands heavy oil won’t be refined in the Bayou City, since the refinery in Houston doesn’t have the capability to process heavy crude oil.

Maria Selva, a Green Party candidate for Texas Senate, District 6, is concerned, “And especially about the issue that this is not even meant for American consumption, this is here, so it can be shipped into the port of Houston and out to other countries.”

Valero says, “Some of the gasoline and diesel that is made from the Canadian oil may be sold in export markets, but the majority will stay here in the U.S.”

Daryl Hannah didn’t stop this; what chance do a few protestors have?

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