Racist resurgence with derogatory words

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Grego sounds off on racism and the use derogatory words like "cracker" and the "n-word."

"Racism and racist language, a touchy subject. An in-depth story in the Washington Post this week looks at attempts to ban the "n word" as did the NFL, and a mock funeral for the word in 2007 by the NAACP, only to conclude the word will likely continue to exist for generations to come; with all of its ugliness and debate over context, and spelling.  It really is an ignorant term.  Former LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling's rants proved that. The history the word carries "with it" makes people of all races wince!  I can still remember how terrible it was when the dude who played Kramer on Seinfeld, Michael Richards said it on stage at a comedy club. It was anything but funny.  Way too complictaed to explore all the intricacies here, but for sure it's a word no white person should ever use without expecting backlash.  Now,  the reverse, New York Congressman Charlie Rangel has said that tea party members are just like the "white crackers" of the Jim Crow era. When a reporter from the Huffington Post asked him about it, Rangel said, 'I thought (cracker) was a term of endearment.' He later apologized. This week, a Dallas English teacher was suspended after posting this tweet" "who the blank made you duck blank crackers think I give a squat about your opinions about my oipinions re: #ferguson? kill yoursleves."  So, is one epithet worse than the other? Should the use of the word cracker carry as much social disdain and ridicule as the n-word?  How do you honestly feel about this, and why do you think we continue to attack one another this way?  To me, it's keeping us from dealing with more important issues plaguing the country at the moment."


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