Ranking of states from the longest sex times to the lowest

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NEW YORK, NY – Some states are big, some states are small and then there are some states that just have longer sex!Inquiring minds over at Nerve.com have created an app called “Spreadsheets” and as you can guess, it collects data. No, not for the office. It’s meant to be used in the bedroom!

Yeah! It’s a mobile app that measures the time couples spend between the sheets by calculating time, sound and motion. It tracks stats and keeps score every time you’re at bat. Well, the makers have taken this tantalizing trivia and listed in ranking order the states with the longest sex times and the shortest sex times.

So, without further ado, the state that knocks boots for the longest amount of time is, New Mexico. With an average time of just over 7 minutes, this southwest state knows how to keep it hot. no wonder they call it the Land of Enchantment.

The other top 10 states are: West Virginia, Idaho, South Carolina, Missouri, Michigan, Utah, Oregon, Nebraska and Alabama. Proving that the motto should be changed to, everything is “mediocre” in Texas, the Lone Star State falls somewhere in the middle of the pack at number 20. 8 seconds on a bull is hard, but cowboys seem to last a little longer than 3 minutes in the bedroom before they get bucked off.

And this countdown comes to a fast end with this state, where the quickie isn’t just for necessity, it’s the norm. Alaska clocks in at a meager 1 minute and 21 seconds.

Guess there’s not much cuddling going on during those long, cold nights. Like the old saying goes, size isn’t everything. It’s how you use it, and for how long.


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