Reach out to your parents

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Grego says you should reach out and call your parents, since it will brighten their day.

"At this year`s Oscars, J.K. Simmons got a lot of attention for his acceptance speech when he implores people to call their mom or dad if they are still alive. Face it, the phone might not ring as often as it once did from mom and dad, if you`re lucky enough to have one or both parents still alive. I`m the oldest child in my family, and definitely the most immature. I call my parents a couple of times a week. but talking with my brother, he`ll complain that he hasn`t heard from them. I`ll ask, `Did you call?` and he says 'No, i called them last time, they can call me,' see he takes it as a slight. If you`ve ever had that feeling of being ignored or think you`re just not important enough for them to call, or they don`t care, first keep in mind the amount of 'excitement' and fun most older people have day-to-day week-to-week diminishes.  You know with not wanting to drive, mobility issues etc. and the lives of the elderly can revolve around their doctor`s appointments. My parents are in their mid-seventies, have both had and continue to have increasing health problems. Mom said to me this morning, 'You know Greg, having to go to this doctor and have this and that test, and then wait for results, and hear there`s a problem, just doesn`t make you a very happy camper.' Easy to understand right?! It`s difficult to have to face your own mortality and know at some point not too, too far away the end is on the horizon. so J.K. Simmons is right on. Call your parents and who cares if it`s only to talk about the weather?! Brighten their day, make them laugh and add a little light and joy to their lives because they`ll appreciate it!"


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