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HOUSTON, TEXAS – In the absence of snow, red dust might be a good compromise.  Now we just need something green and we’re ready for Christmas.

“It was a surprise,”  said Tommy Denos, a motorist at a car wash on Kirby drive. “Nobody really knew what was going on with it.  On Facebook all day yesterday people had no idea.”

You weren’t the only one who had to take the car for an emergency cleaning this weekend.  The entire Houston area from Sugar Land to The Woodlands was covered by a cloud of red dust, probably coming from Mexico.

“It is possible that this air that was dragged in from Mexico carried this dust along with it” – explained Jason Luze, Chief Meteorologist at the Weather Research Center -.  “And sometimes when you get this dust up in the air and you also add some rain, you get the effect of getting splashes of almost mud coming down.”

Yes, red sucks!  But not in New England obviously.  The “cahs” are already covered in snow over there.  Folks, down here is not that bad.   So, go wash your car, stay warm, and let’s hope this winter doesn’t make us bite the dust.