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donutBETHESDA, MD – It’s no secret America truly is a fast food nation. We’re surrounded by easily accessible, quick-fix junk food places that give us what we need, our fix of sugar or carbs. We’ve all been there, it can be like a drug at times.

Well, think about this when you rip into that donut tomorrow morning you’re essentially getting high. That quick spike and eventual corresponding crash in blood sugar you get from eating those highly processed carbs like donuts and Twinkies (basically anything with refined sugar) is shockingly similar to doing drugs.

“Simply what they do is they actually spike these two neurotransmitters we have in the brain, called Serotonin and Dopamine,’ says Chris Ybanez, Lead Education Instructor at College of Healthcare Professions. ‘So what it does is it surges super high for while you’re eating and for about 15, 20 minutes afterwards. Then all the sudden you crash real bad.”

Stephen Tolliver, Personal Fitness Director at College Of Healthcare Professions, says, “What we say is generally go with more whole foods, your whole foods, your fruits, your vegetables, your meats. Try to avoid as much of the processed foods as possible and that obviously include the fast foods and stuff like that as well.  I say to kind of keep around the parameter of the grocery store for your shopping.”

Sure, in our society today it’s almost inevitable to have a little of this bad sugar, but if we can just learn to pump our brakes when we see the goods, we’ll all be a little better off.