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UPDATE – A shocking twist for police Tuesday night after they responded to a disturbance call in northwest Houston. When officers got to the scene, one of the witnesses told them they knew where two bodies were located. Officers were led to an abandoned warehouse in the 11000 block of Todd Street.

“We found what looks like to be human remains,” said Det. Eric Wohlgemuth.

Investigators think there are three victims, but it’s hard to tell because they were burned, then buried.

“There’s not much left,” Wohlgemuth said.

The victims, police think, were homeless men who had been missing for months.

“They were known to live in this area from what we were told,” said Wohlgemuth. “At this warehouse is one place they were known to stay and sleep.”

In addition to the bodies, officers say they also found Jamie Walter at the scene. They booked him on capital murder charges as they work to find out exactly what happened to his three alleged victims.

Anyone with information should call HPD’s Homicide Division at 713 308-3600.


HOUSTON – The remains of two homeless men were found burned and buried in an abandoned warehouse property off of Todd street.

The bodies were discovered around 8 p.m. Tuesday night after police responded to a disturbance between two men.

When officers arrived, some people involved said they knew where two bodies were located and led them to the abandoned property. The men had apparently been missing for months.

Anyone with any information is asked to call police as they work to identify these two men.