Rename Alpha Centauri Bb to ‘something less boring’

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BOULDER, CO – Since NASA is putting the brakes on its educational and public outreach efforts. A group of astronomers and former space program executives formed the space-themed company Uwingu which is Swahili for sky.

The company launched a contest to rename a planet recently discovered in the triple star system of Alpha Centauri.

No, not next to the Degobah System or Tatooine. It’s earths nearest cosmic neighbor.

Anyway, Uwingu is giving Earthers the chance to change the name of its planetary cousin from Alpha Centauri Bb to what they call ‘something less boring.’

So if you want to add a name to the mix, it will cost you $4.99. Or if you space out on a name you can vote on one already submitted at .99 cents per vote. And don’t worry if you don’t make this list there is about 800 other planets that need new names too.

Uwingu says the money from the votes will be used to help with their research. If your name wins you get a certificate you can use to ‘impress’ your next date. Or hang on the wall above your bed in your mom’s basement.



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