DALLAS (KDAF) — Eat This, Not That! is a very popular food publication that has all sorts of regular and sometimes hot takes when it comes to food. Since National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day (arguably the most popular cookie on the planet) is Thursday, August 4 we wanted to see how it stacked up throughout the states.

The publication says that the cookie of Texas is the Cowboy cookie, “There’s no better cookie to represent the Lone Star State. Cowboys are hearty cookies made with oatmeal, chocolate, chips, pecans, coconut, and brown sugar.”

They checked out a survey from Nestle Toll House that looked to see what the most popular cookies in America are. Funny enough a vast majority of states in the US have either chocolate chip cookies are at least chocolate chips within the recipe of their favorite cookie. To check out their full report, click here.

Maybe you don’t want a Cowboy cookie but maybe you do want to know who in Texas serves the best chocolate chip cookies. Well, you’ll just have to travel down to Central Texas to find a batch of those. Read this story to find out exactly where this shop is: This place serves the best chocolate chip cookies in Texas, according to Yelp.