Reports that Beyonce and Jay Z are working on a postnuptial agreement

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Houston, TX- Everyone’s talking about Beyonce’s performance at the Super Bowl. But that’s not the only buzz circling Lady B and her husband Jay Z.  There’s reports the two are working on a postnuptial agreement. Most of us are familiar with prenuptials. That’s when two people get hitched and they plan out ahead of time who gets what in case things don’t work out. As far as a postnup, that’s a twist. It happens after you get married. Houston divorce attorney Cindy Diggs says married couples usually consider postnups after a life changing event, like one spouse asking the other to quit their job to stay home with the kids, or significantly worse (and probably pretty common) infidelity.  For a power couple like Bey and Jay, their accumulated wealth since they signed a prenup could be astronomical. It could also mean their marriage is falling flat.



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