Former GOP congressman says Colorado needs to legalize marijuana

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DENVER, CO – Voters in Colorado, Oregon, and Washington State have a chance to weed out the laws that keep making outlaws out of weed.

But before you get your panties in a wad, this movement for legal weed isn’t just for long-haired, dope smoking liberals. Former Colorado Republican congressman Tom Tancredo says his state needs to go green.

Tancredo used the eightieth anniversary of Colorado voting to repeal Prohibition to write a column supporting the drive to legalize pot by regulating its production and sale.

Tancredo says the pot prohibition is just like the one for booze back in the Twenties, which gave rise to rum-runners and gangsters. He says today`s Al Capones are the drug cartels and narco-terrorists.

Tancredo also says that by making pot legal, we take it out of the hands of criminals and give it to corporations.

Ok, so, maybe we need to re-think this.



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