Rescue News: men from water, woman from burning-car, dog from earthquake rubble

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AEGEAN SEA – NewsFix reporters spread out around the world to bring you the very best in “rescue news.”

Dateline: the Agean Sea, somewhere between western Turkey and the island of Lesbos.

That’s where a refugee from the Syrian civil war found himself clinging to a sinking boat.

Members of Turkey’s coast guard had to pluck him out of the water in a dramatic rescue that began with a swimmer jumping into the sea with the life-line the chopper crew used to haul him aboard.

His over-crowded boat capsized in the choppy waters. The man and three others apparently were the only survivors out of the 40 on board.

Dateline: New Orleans, where the U.S. Coast Guard had its own water rescue.

A 13-foot flat boat started taking on water near “Main Pass” on the Mississippi. A chopper crew pulled them to safety.

Guess they should have used a Mardi Gras “float” instead.

Dateline: Belton, MO, near the Kansas border.

That’s where dashcam video caught a state trooper and another man risking their lives to pull a woman out of her burning car just seconds before flames engulfed the vehicle.

She survived, but with serious injuries from the crash caused by some guy who ran a stop light.

Dateline: Tainan, Taiwan, where rescue crews did not expect to find more survivors from last weekend’s earthquake.

But then they found a 7-year-old Maltese dog that had been trapped in the rubble of a collapsed building.

The dog’s name” Le-Le” translates into “happy” in English.

Its 50-year-old owner survived with broken bones.

Now both are happy to be together, and alive.



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