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HOUSTON — You can say that in Houston — especially this year — when it rains, it pours.

Now, a local university is giving H-Town another weather claim to fame.  And this one is literally quite shocking. According to Texas A&M researchers, Houston is the lightning capital of Texas.

The city has the most strikes per kilometer than any other area in the Lone Star State.

What makes our bolts so bountiful? These factors, according to National Weather Service Meteorologist Scott Overpeck, include the city’s location near the Gulf of Mexico.

“With that moister, we get the thunder storms to develop,” Overpeck. “We need some heat and some of that heat can actually come from the city itself, with all the concert. We also have a sea breeze, and that helps force thunderstorm activity. We got lots of pollution, which helps with forming little cloud drops. And so the combination of all those factors really play a big role in allowing for thunderstorms to develop.”

Researchers at A&M point to Humble and Jersey Village, as the most “electrifying” area’s in Houston. The towns experience more than four lightning strikes per square kilometer each year. So, more rain and with a chance of “extra” lightning. Well, the Bayou City does have a certain “buzz” to it.