Researchers coming out with male home fertility kit

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ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Hey guys, you know there are not many ways to test your fertility that don’t require hands-on participation and don’t offer much privacy.

The folks at Sandstone Diagnostics got their hands around this problem with their Trakfertility system.

They say it’s the first of its kind to let guys keep in touch with themselves by monitoring their sperm quality at home.

The kit comes with an engine, a disposable test prop, a cup for collecting your sample, a dropper, a seal, and two double-a batteries. Stimulation not included.

After you’ve done your business, you place the prop in the engine then take your sperm for a spin.

After a few minutes you get to see if you have enough little men to create your own little man, or woman.

But this kit won’t be coming until 2015.

So, guys, you’ll just have to hold off a little longer.

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