Researchers developing ‘Bionic Bra’

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WOLLONGONG, Australia – The bra has undergone some amazing transformations over the years. Any woman will tell you that not every bra is created equal.

Sometimes it’s less about fashion, and more about function. That’s why researchers at ‘Breast Research Australia’ or ‘BRA’ are developing what they like to call the ‘Bionic Bra.’

It’s only a crude prototype now, but the sports bra automatically tightens when it senses breast movement. The bra was developed to offer customized support that could reduce back pain and other health problems.

Although ‘bionic’ usually refers to body parts that have been enhanced by electromechanical components, this prototype is made from ‘smart’ yarn containing sensors that detect breast motion.

It still has a way to go before you see it on store shelves.

Studies show some 85% of women wear bras that do not support their breasts correctly, so something must be done to save the tatas!



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