Researchers dig up 520-million-year-old fossil in Morocco

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fossilRABAT, MOROCCO – When you think about Morocco, maybe a road trip with Hope and Crosby comes to mind.

Or maybe Ilsa and Rick; or, maybe you think of a fossilized, cigar-shaped creature that lived a half-a-billion years ago.

Meet Heli-something-or-other, a creature with one of those Latin names that’s better read than said.

The journal the Proceedings of the Royal Socieity B says Heli swam around during the Cambrian Age, about 520-million-years-ago.

Researchers found this fossilized creature last year while digging in the rocks of the Moroccan Anti-Atlas Mountains.

Earlier fossils had spiral grooves, but not the distinctive 5-point symmetry found in sea urchins, starfish, and other similar creatures.

One of the neat things about Heli, at least according to people who study creatures like this, is that it was shaped like a cigar, and sometimes could be short and fat, or long and thin.

Heli is just one of many creatures that developed during the so-called Cambrian Explosion.

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