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VALENCIA, Spain – So, are you in love?   Spanish researchers in the International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy suggest men fall in love more frequently than women.

But the intensity with which both men and women fall in love varies according to personality types, level of self-esteem, number of amorous relations each person’s had, age and attitude towards romantic love.

Although there’s one thing scientists agree upon and that is passionate love only lasts between 18 months and four years.   When your hormones are boiling, everything seems fantastic and way up in the sky: you feel addicted to the other person and can’t stop doing it.  But after a while, that passion evolves into something more mature.

Perhaps that explains why all those websites for cheaters are so popular: people are looking for constant infatuation.  In any case, cheers to the millions of couples who believe in real, true love.  A happily ever after is something you have to build every day.