Richmond strikes again with another pothole

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HOUSTON – And we’re back on Richmond Avenue, imagine that! Today’s Pothole Of The Day is on Richmond Ave and Greenbriar Drive, in the Upper Kirby District.

Denise Colmenero described the hole, “Oh my God, it’s awful and the noise is horrible too.”

Though not quite as severe as some potholes we’ve shown, this crater looks like it’s been patched and patched again.

“They just cover it but they never fix it, they never go in and fix it, and then it rains when ever they fix it, and then it pops open again.”

This mess on Richmond sneaks up on drivers who have a hard time avoiding it.

“It’s been a chaos for years actually.”

The folks at Mercado Mexico are tired of dealing with it, “Everything in the store, it shakes just whenever people drive through it, it’s horrible,” added Colmenero.

Bet you can’t guess what she wants from the city, huh?!

“Should come fix it, they should do something about it.”



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