Road rage before NFL kicker’s death

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NASHVILLE, Tn. --  Seems like nothing good ever comes from road rage,  and sadly enough, it could be the reason behind the death of former Tennesse Titan's kicker Rob Bironas.

The deadly crash happened Saturday and now, there's talk that at least two drivers called police to report Bironas driving erratically and threatening them moments before his SUV crashed and he was killed.

A 911 dispatcher reported a call from a woman saying Bironas tried to run her car off the road and then gave her a "mean look."

Another concerned call came from two Belmont University students who say Bironas tried to side swipe them and verbally threatened them.

And adding to the confusion, Bironas' wife reported him missing about an hour before the crash.

The couple were newlyweds when Bironas was killed. He married Rachel Bradshaw in June. She's the daughter of Hall-of-Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw.

Sounds like there's still a lot to piece together.

But listen, the next time someone cuts you off or gets under your skin, think twice about letting road rage get the best of you.



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