Rodeo star wows inside and outside the arena

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HOUSTON, TX – There’s a reason why they call it Rodeo Houston. The real stars are the cowboys going to work and risking their lives every day for the love of the arena.

Meet Houston native and professional bareback rider, Clint Cannon.

He has been on the circuit for 11 years and has won just about every rodeo around the nation including Rodeo Houston twice.

Clint says you have to put all scary thoughts of getting hurt away and just have fun. So for fun he grabbed our mic and we opened the chute.

Fun is fun, but work is work, but Clint has to be ready for the ride and a very dramatic 8 seconds; all the while trying to get to know their companions. Knowing their animal companions is key.

Clint does a softer side telling us that there is no better feeling than knowing he has a baby girl on the way who might just be the next rodeo princess.

Clinton Cannon, a true heart, a true star and a true grit. A hero amongst modest men.



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