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ROSENBERG –  Folks in Rosenberg were battlin’ the dog gone heat to raise money for the Fuffies and Fidos in their animal shelter.  “The Independence Block Party is about getting animals adopted. It’s also about raising funds to help our animals leave here healthy and happy and ready for home,” explains Rosenberg Animal Control Officer, Lindsey Huseman.

To bring in the bucks and potential adopters,  volunteers sold a “block party lunch plate” complete grilled burgers and hot dogs. They also sold canine tummy yummies and homemade bracelets for humans.

Like every other animal shelter in the Greater Houston area, the Rosenberg shelter is overcrowded. They have room for 36 dogs but recently had as many as 50, including four from last month’s flooding.  Those four and all the other dogs and cats at the shelter are looking for forever homes.

If you already have a pet you can still help.

“Spaying and neutering makes a difference. The problem has to be fixed at home. People have to understand that animals can’t continue to have puppies and kittens when there’s nowhere to put them,” says Huseman. “They had such a hard life and they want so badly to be loved, and we just… it’s hard. I’m going to cry. We don’t just want them to be dogs; we want them to be family members. We want them to be loved. It’s hard not to fall in love with every little face here. And we want more people to come in and fall in love with those faces too.”

Because every dog should have his own day.