Rumor mill churning as to why Pope is resigning

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VATICAN CITY – By now you’ve heard that Pope Benedict XVI put in his two weeks’ notice. Lightning even struck St. Peter’s basilica hours after the announcement. It was either a congratulatory high-five or the man upstairs isn’t happy. Either way, the Pope is heading out.

The reason for his resignation was reportedly declining health and old age. But new rumors in the mill say the Pope isn’t suffering from any specific disease, but that he’s resigning because he feels he doesn’t have the strength to continue as the church`s leader and that it was a spiritual decision.

Of course you’ve got some saying the real reason is because of all the allegations of corruption within the church that were allegedly aired out for everyone by his former butler. Mmmhmm, it’s always the butler, isn’t it?!

Cardinal Daniel Dinardo, who oversees the Houston-Galveston diocese, will be among the select few to help choose the next pope. He found out the news later than everyone else.

“I was in transit from Rome to Houston yesterday and unaware of the announcement until I landed at 3:30 p.m. in Washington yesterday afternoon,’ Cardinal Dinardo said in a news conference. ‘I am like most others surprised by the announcement and also a little saddened. At the same time, the Holy Father was very clear and precise on his reasons for resigning.”

Whatever the reason, what`s done is done. The Pope’s last day will be February 28, 2013.

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