Sailing over the North Pole may be possible by 2050

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Everybody’s seems to be bashing global warming, but there may be some benefits.

By the year 2050, the Arctic ice sheet will be thin enough for ships to sail across the North Pole.

Cargo ships with moderate ice breaking capabilities will be able to sail routes that have been difficult or impossible to pass. Meaning trade ships will be able to navigate the shortest possible routes between the pacific and Atlantic oceans, saving weeks of travel and hundreds of tons of fuel.

Researchers from UCLA studied seven climate simulations for the time period and predicted the thickness of the ice in the Arctic.

Political concerns have come up from these predictions, since various countries will want to tap into the natural resources in the area, and conflicts over jurisdiction of shipping lanes will be in issue.

Not to mention environmental concerns with the possibility of so many ships passing through what until now has been near virgin territory.

So you may get your cheap Chinese children’s toys a little quicker but live on a planet without polar bears and penguins.


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