Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacement hits stores but customers do not

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HOUSTON — You’ve heard the warnings. Finally, a solution!

Around 500,000 new, improved and fire-free Galaxy Note 7 cellphones are now available in stores. So you’d think we would see lines at every cell phone store across the country, right?

Egh, maybe not!

Most stores NewsFix paid a visit to seemed to be more dead than the former devices themselves.

It may be because despite dramatic tales of exploding smart phones, the manufacture only 25 percent of the recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones have been returned. It’s our hope people aren’t ignoring the recall and walking around with ticking time bombs in their pockets.

But we get it; we need our phone! But to all those Note 7 users who are taking the risk and keeping the faulty piece of hardware — we say to you, our friend — good luck!



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