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HAWAII –  It was a big day for Bernie Sanders Saturday as he scored victories in the caucus states of Hawaii, Washington and Alaska.

“We’re doing better now that we’re out of the South with the African American vote,” said Sen. Bernie Sanders, (D) Presidential Candidate).  “We’re doing extraordinarily well with young people. And we think we do have a path toward victory.”

Still, when it comes to delegates, the math favors Hillary Clinton.

Across the aisle at the GOP shootout, a petition to allow guns inside the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July is gaining traction with 25,000 signatures.

As the west warmed up to Sanders, south of the border was heated for Donald Trump

A crowd in Mexico City burned a paper effigy of the republican frontrunner. It’s a take on the traditional burning of Judas during the culmination of holy week celebrations.

An effigy of President Obama and one representing ISIS were also burned during the ceremony.