HOUSTON (KIAH) — The calm demeanor of pilots and air traffic controllers was on full display Tuesday when two private planes clipped each other as one took off and the other landed.

”We just had a mid-air — we can’t do that,” the pilot of one of the planes responded to a Hobby Airport air traffic controller’s flight commands.

“Say what?”, the controller responded.

The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are now investigating the incident with the NTSB in charge of the investigation.

The FAA tweeted about the incident, “A twin-engine Hawker H25B departed without permission from Runway 22 @HobbyAirport at 4 p.m. today when it collided with a twin-engine Cessna C510 that was landing on Runway 13 Right. No injuries have been reported.”


The Cessna was able to taxi to the terminal under its own power and the Hawker successfully circled back to the airport and made an emergency landing.

It’s unclear how many people were on board the two planes, but according to the FAA’s tweet, no one got hurt.

Hobby Airport went into a ground stop for around three hours as debris was cleared from the runways.

That led to the cancelation or delay of more than 130 flights.

Operations at the airport are normal Wednesday morning.