Scalped Rodeo Houston tickets may leave you empty handed

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HOUSTON, TX – It’s rodeo time again in Houston. As you pick and choose through the performances you may want to see, be careful you don’t end up with tickets that won’t get you through the gates.

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo officials warn, though scalping is not illegal in Texas, you can’t always be sure of what you’re getting, especially if a season ticket holder plans on making some money on their tickets.

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Chief Operating Officer, Leroy Shafer, explained, “We’ve had reports of tickets being sold that we revoked because the ticket seller told us they lost them.”

In this case the original tickets are cancelled. New tickets are then issued, and unsuspecting buyers are then left with worthless tickets and a lot of disappointment.

“Another thing we see really bad, is people going out and buying from ticket resellers and paying 3 and 4 times for a ticket that we still have on sale at normal price.”

According to the Rodeo, this is all for a good reason.

“We don’t want the tickets that we intentionally aim available at a certain price, to be scalped and number 1, somebody profiting off our good intentions, but number 2, the affordable family ticket is no longer an affordable family ticket for a great percentage of our population.”

No matter what your music taste, be careful to buy tickets that will actually get you in to see your favorite performers.

The official sale of tickets starts on Saturday and you can view the lineup here.


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