Scammers are getting creative this tax season

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HOUSTON, Tx. – It`s that time of year again, tax season! A scam artist`s favorite time of year. The old phone scams are still plenty popular. Remember, no one from the IRS will ever initiate contact with you over the phone – but the fraudsters are getting crafty!

The newest trend in tax scamming for dummies? Spoofing your boss’s email!

That`s right, the same person that asks you to come in early and stay late – well now you have an email from them asking for a copy of your, or even your coworkers`, private information… even sometimes a pdf of a w-2. Who`s going to question that, right?!

The IRS even added a list of buzzwords found in these emails. Words like ‘quick review` … ‘ASAP’…. ‘Updated list’… ‘Full details’… and ‘kindly!?’

The IRS isn`t going to initiate contact via phone, text message, email, or even Facebook… And yes, some scammers are using social media in an attempt to cash in on your return!

The IRS uses snail mail. And if your boss emails you asking for personal financial information, it`s probably a scam!


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