School zones are not for speeding or pooping

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Grego sounds off on those who speed in school zones, and for the "poop inspection" conducted at an elementary school in Gustine, Texas.

"Let's talk a little school since it's still a big part of my life because of my kids. Because teacher salaries tend to be less than adequate, many of the good ones leave the profession and some 'not so good ones' take their place which I'm guessing explains this scenario from an elementary school in Gustine, Texas, population 460 about 90 miles southwest of Ft. Worth. Two dozen kids made to pull their pants down to expose their underwear after human waste was evidently found on the gym floor. Boys in one room with girls in another, all in an effort to find the culprit. The superintendent is on record as opposed to the partial strip search and the district in investigating. Yeah, kids dropping trow and school should never be in the same sentence. An error in judgement by the staff for sure. A mistake being made by many drivers every day is speeding through school zones!! More and more seems like I'm being passed in the mornings by cars doing like 40 when I'm putting along at 25. Some dude this morning whizzed by me begging for a ticket? Mush head kids aren't always thinking and they could run out in the street without looking. Use what you learned in school and read the signs, and if you're in Gustine, Texas, take extra care to stay buttoned up literally and figuratively!"





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