See Johnny Depp visit sick kids as Jack Sparrow

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BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA – Here is a celebrity gossip story that doesn’t involve a sex tape, drunk driving or a chase with paparazzi.

It turns out when Captain Jack Sparrow isn’t sailing the seven seas, three sheets to the wind, he is visiting sick kids in the hospital.

Johnny Depp himself, in full costume and makeup, visited a hospital in Brisbane, Australia for about three hours earlier this week. The cast of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean is in Australia filming the fifth installment of the franchise. Depp was accompanied by fellow actor Stephen Graham who plays “Scrum” in the series.

The pair stayed in character the whole time, pretending to be confused by all the cameras. Depp has previously talked to “e” about visiting hospitals in character, saying,  “it basically turns into a two-, three-hour improvisation and it`s really fun.”

We’re glad to see one the biggest movie stars in the world hasn’t forgot some of his littlest fans.


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