Selena Gomez banned from performing in China

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She just wanted to look great for her fans in China,  but they won’t be seeing pop star Selena Gomez anytime soon. According to one website, Gomez was forced to cancel two tour dates by the Chinese government. What was the reason for the cancellation?

Taking a picture with the Dalai Lama!!! Photos that were taken around two years ago at an event in Vancouver. So what’s the big deal? Well you see, the Tibetan spiritual leader fled to India in exile after a failed uprising against the Chinese government in 1959, and they appear to have held a grudge ever since.

Gomez is not the only celebrity that’s been banned by the Chinese government in the past. Just last year, a Maroon 5 concert in Shanghai was canceled because one of the band members went to the Dalai Lama’s 80th birthday bash. That’s an invite you just don’t turn down — karma!

Then Bon Jovi`s China tour was also canceled, while Linkin Park was banned from China for six years — all over taking a picture with the Dalai Lama!!!

Who knew taking a picture with the Dalai Lama was such a bad business deal! Forget Namaste — more like Namaste-go!



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