Senator Ted Cruz refuses to endorse Trump, says to vote your conscience




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CLEVELAND, OH – The stones on Texas Senator Ted Cruz, to stand up at Trump’s RNC and say “Vote your conscience,” rather than to endorse the Republican nominee.

Cruz gets booed during his speech Wednesday night, after refusing to endorse Donald trump… Even when the crowd is chanting for it!

And Trump`s posse made sure he paid for it afterwards.

“You know, if a convention’s goal is to unite your party behind one candidate, senator Cruz didn’t get the memo,” said former Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

“I think it was awful, and quite frankly i think it was selfish,” said Gov. Chris Christie.

And it seemed like Ted Cruz was the last thing Trump’s son Eric wanted to talk about. “

But at the RNC Texas Delegation breakfast the next morning, Ted had some explaining to do.

“I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father,” Cruz told those gathered.

Such a white knight that Ted Cruz. Choosing the honor of his father and wife over, what his party feels, could be the destruction of the constitution if Hillary Clinton gets elected.

“It was a hard-fought campaign, there was some horrible things said about each other, but I still would have hoped he would have just taken the high road and come out in support of our nominee,” said Dr. Robin Armstrong, TX GOP National Committeeman.

And how did the Trumpster respond? He`s claiming he saw the speech hours before and let him say it anyway, and that Clinton would be far worse for the constitution.

But after November, when the election dust has settled, what are the consequences for Ted Cruz sticking to his guns, rather than his pledge?

“There are still going to be a considerable segment of republicans who are uneasy with Ted Cruz because he didn’t toe the party line when it came to the most important thing,” said Brandon Rottinghaus, Professor of Political Science at University of Houston.

“He’s done nothing to dissuade people of him being the trouble maker, the bad boy in the room, and honestly, I think he loves that a bit too,” says John Taylor, Chair and Professor of Political Science at University of St. Thomas.

It was a bold move for the guy Trump calls ‘Lyin` Ted,’ whether the history books see him as reading the writing on the wall, or costing Trump some needed votes, one thing about elephants… they never forget.




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